Animal rescue, dog & cat adoption in southeast Dallas, Kaufman Texas

Darby’s Pals Rescue, Inc.

Darby’s Pals Rescue began quite informally in 1994 in the southeast Dallas area as simply a good-hearted gesture to take in a little Yorkie-Pomeranian mix dog who’d been terribly abused by both an owner and a groomer……..the dog’s name was DARBY……and thus began this great adventure! Our blessed sanctuary is now home to approximately 60 dogs and 25 cats (including the ferals), and our no-kill policy is of utmost importance. As much as we wish to find loving and permanent homes for all our animal friends, we especially cherish the hearts & lives of our “kids” who have been challenged with issues of physical impairment, neglect, abuse, abandonment, and aging. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best care possible for every single “Darby’s pal”—whether we end up matching it with that “perfect new family”, or just need to keep it safe here…..we strongly believe in doing whatever it takes to honor and cherish these precious lives of God’s creatures.

We are incorporated in Kaufman County with the state of Texas, and are a 501(c)3 IRS-recognized charitable organization. Though we are indeed a non-profit entity, we still fund this organization largely out-of-pocket….and humbly welcome any monetary or gift card donations offered—which of course with your receipt, are tax-deductible. Additionally, our supporters can also contribute directly to our account at Kaufman Veterinary Center in Kaufman, TX at 1700 East Mulberry Street, 75142, phone number 972-932-3278 (c/o Darby's Pals Rescue)

Prior to adoption, all our “kids” are current on shots/ heartworm & flea preventative, have been spayed or neutered, and have been deemed healthy by our wonderful vet. Our feral cat program is designed to provide basic care and spays/ neuters for our rural community felines, while also trying to do our part locally to prevent animal over-population and spread of diseases such as feline leukemia/ AIDS.

For reasons of security and safety, we serve potential clients by appointment only. We are very selective in matching our animals with prospective families; therefore, have a lengthy application process intentionally designed for that purpose. An adoption donation of $200 per animal is appreciated, to off-set previous veterinary costs paid by Darby's Pals Rescue for getting the animal ready for adoption; we do, however, honor a refund policy- so that we know for sure that if things don’t work out in the new home, the animal will be promptly returned to us safely. If seriously interested in one of our animals, please call to discuss the relevant information and to make arrangements to receive our adoption application.

As for adding any more animals to our mix right now……..we are presently FULL to capacity, and cannot take in any more animals at this time.

We are located about 40 miles east of Dallas, Texas. Visits by appointment only.


I don’t know why I’m homeless
And no one cares for me,
I’ve tried to be a good little pup,
Good as any dog can be.
I had a home for a little while
But one day I heard them say,
“You can’t keep this dog around,”
So they took me away.

They left me on a lonely road,
No shelter and food for a pup,
I waited each day for their return,
But now I’ve given up.
There’s only one that knows I’m here,
That knows of my awful plight,
A kitten that searches
For food through the day,
I hear her cry at night.

She lives beneath a pile of wood,
So small, so scared, so thin.
To abandon a kitten so small and frail
Seems a terrible sin.
Help us, dear friend, this kitten and me,
So hungry and so alone,
Guide some kind soul to find us
And give us a home, sweet home.

-Author unknown




Darby’s Pals Rescue, Inc.
3330 North Galloway Ave
Ste #304-86 PMB

Mesquite, TX 75150
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Animal rescue shelter with dog and cat adoptions. Located in Kaufman, Texas - southeast of Dallas.